We\'ve got something pretty special for you this afternoon, it\'s over to childrenofthewindmovie.com. A lengthy read, but this link tells a story of how a few Bonairiean windsurfers became not just worldwide windsurfing stars but outstanding film stars. The Children of the Wind film took the Audience Award, a major award at the Aruba International Film Festival before taking \'Best Emerging Filmmaker\', \'Best Documentary\' and \'Best original Score\'. A great moment, not just for windsurfing but also for these windsurfers as they reach a great level of public awareness about this outstanding sport. In light of this we will only be posting their trailer this afternoon and we truly believe it deserves everyones attention.

Congratualtions to all that achieved this and furthermore to Andre Paskowski who also reached top 5 in two of the X-Dance categories. Windsurfing is proving its here and now!

“[Children of the Wind] is a terrific underdog story, and a gem of a film – exactly the thing you’re hoping to stumble across at a festival…And you don’t need to know the difference between windsurfing and couch-surfing to enjoy it." - Simon Braund, Empire Magazine

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