We are literally taking you on a trip around Europe today with our news, so buckle up.

Let\'s kick things off in the UK where the students have been at it again, Wet Dreams in Bristol. Wet what?! We won\'t expalin much more, just take a look at the event video...

From the UK we head to France, to catch up with Julien Mas. Well known for his tow-in windsurfing antics, we\'ve seen a lot of videos from that discipline which include him lately, however he proves in this that he is also a pretty damn hot talent when the wind is kicking about as well. It\'s nice to see windsurfing videos of professionals training at their home spots, it\'s not so often they come out within Europe. Finally, for the ladies... Mas in just his boxer shorts...

Now although we said it is rare, probably one of the most well known home spots within Europe is Holland, and this is exactly where we are heading next. The young Remko De Zeeuw is also ripping. Seeing as this is the calmer side of the winter training season, the level is already super high for 2013 and the tour could certainly see some pretty exciting results with talents like this.

Leaving the colder countries and heading in to the Mediterrainean, we\'ve got episode 3 of the Mediterrainean diet at Porto Corsini. Some decent jumping takes us out of the flat water an into some decent stunt ramps, check it out.

A couple of snippets to wrap up the morning, the first comes from outside Europe, with all this speed going on, you might have wondered how they manage to stop in such a short run. Well some of them simply just don\'t and end up hitting the end, others throw in the fastest lay down gybes in the world. Here is one at 52 knots!

It seems only too appropriate to finish the morning with another wet dream, this time from thewetdream.co.uk, where Ben Proffitt has been busy updating us in seperate parts about 2012. Read a classic humourous style post right here and be sure to stay stuned for more.

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