An absolute cracker this afternnon. speed sailing world records again, this time with a twist. The commentary is awesome and plenty to look at on and off the water, it\'s well worth grabbing a beer or a fizzy pop (to keep with the retro theme) and watching this one through.

At the moment it really is a lot about speed due to the Luderitz Speed Challenge that is currently taking place in Namibia. The latest record to be broken is that of the 2 second peak: Patrik Diethelm has stepped up to the mark and pulled out the fastest ever speed at 53.53 knots! That\'s insanely quick as he is just shy of 100km/h - more here.

A bit more current but equally as humourous is this number from Thailand. Thanks to Starboard for pointing it out.

The last post for today comes from a surf movie, this trailer is pretty nice, check it out.

I Wanna Surf - Trailer a Surfing video by IWannaSurf

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