With some decent wind about at the moment, many have been hitting the water for those epic fronts that are rolling off the Atlantic. However, our first video comes from much further afield where many of those fronts will have rolled over first, we are talking about Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. Mathis Mulciba sent this one in after he was crowned as the new wave champion at the fifth edition of the Saint Anne Wave Classic.

Now for those who like to partake in a little producing of their own will no doubt find this next clip very interesting. Fabian Weber has been getting into the forefront of filming again, this time under a remote controlled helicopter. Mounted underneath, this heli holds the latest DSLR and can fly in winds that reach force five whilst remaining extremly stable. Take a look for yourself as the crew capture three of the latest moves from Weber.

We know our front page is currently full of lay down gybes or similar, but speed is everywhere at the moment as some of the finest talent charges down the Luderitz speed strip each day. Today has always looked big on the forecast, many are looking forward to what may come from it and what\'s more, Bjorn Dunkerbeck is now \'in-da-house\'. Not wanting to miss out he\'s shown up fashionably late for the party and will most likely cause a few upsets with his winning ways. For now, we step back one day to watch another run from Jurjen, the \'flying Dutchamn\'.

Apologies for today\'s belated update, fresh just in is the speed record now stands at 52.05knots from Antoine Albeau after breaking it twice today, he is charging. Keep track here - facebook.com.

A couple of videos from the freestyle scene now. This first one was filmed during the morning sessions that happen on Lake Garda.

The last video of the AM Update comes from Teo Bathrelos who has been tearing up the shores of Naxos.

To wrap up we have news from Nick Dempsey who has announced that he will go for gold in the 2016 Olympic Games. To be set in Rio, he will aim to become the most successful windsurfer of all time by winning at the Games. Read more about that story here and tune in later for plenty of the latest and greates updates.

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