A slow news day today but many still reeling off the highlights from yesterday, including that of Antoine Albeau smashing the speed record once again. Now set at 52.05 knots that\'s just shy of 100km/h, another bench mark for the speedies and one that many think is attainable. Moving a little away from speed to waves now, in particualr the waves of Sandy Point in Australia for the Melbourne Cup. Slightly belated but nice to see what\'s going on down under is this round up clip, you can also read a full report of that action here.

Whilst we are on waves, we are back in Wales where Lewis Merrony has been scoring some epic sessions. It\'s awesome to see how much excitment there is in this post and he seems pretty stoked with the gear too. Check it out.

Just a quick one, if you are in to photography, freestyle, Brawzhino or a combination of those three then you will love this weeks features, check them out on the front page. Makes for some interesting reading/viewing. Head over to our home page and have a look around, there\'s also a rather tantilising boardseeker babe recently added.

Back to a little more speed related news. Many of you may have been inspired by recent and ongoing events in Namibia to look into a speed board or fast slalom board. Well a perfectly timed release means that the new Simmer mXr is now avaliable, here is a little brief from the Dutch Designers Martin van Meurs and Ron van den Berg.

The new Simmer/mXr boards are easier to ride at high speeds and therefore faster for most riders. The step hull design provides a more comfortable ride at high speeds and therefore allows a wider range of riders to excel. It is designed to absorb chop which effectively gives the rider added control even in open water. The range consists of two boards; the Monster and the Godzilla. You can find out more about them here - www.simmerstyle.com and also check out the videos below.



Whilst we are on Simmer, they\'ve also released their brand video for the 2013 SCR. Check it out below.

Finally with all this turmoil going on in Israel, it\'s nice to hear from the likes of Adam Gavriel that it is not stopping them from hitting the water and busting out their freestyle moves. Check out one of their latest videos, pulling tricks that some of the top guys even struggle to do on flat water.

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