A video feast today it seems. We\'ve literally got them coming out our ears, so without further ado.

Diving head first in to racing it looks like Neilpryde have got it going on with their RS:One class. Holding their first ever World Championships in Boracay is pretty awesome, so here is your official invite. The date - 10-15th December.

From one event coming up to one that has just happened, the Cervantes Speed Trials which took place in the small fishing town of Cervantes, 200km north of Perth was greeted with 35 knots of wind on day one with many competitors struggling with the rougher conditions. Day two produced a much more pleasant 15-20 knots for the ocean race and general free sailing in the bay. Chris Lockwood won the trials with a speed of 71 km/h.

If you thought all this speed windsurfing is fast, well it looks like a sailing boat has smashed the outright speed record and when we say smashed, we mean totally and utterly wiped the floor clean. Over 65 knots!!!

Whilst on speed, Luderitz promises a big day today as it was announced that the forecast looks strong. Meanwhile this has been charging around the social mediaosphere. A ride with Dunkerbeck.

Sticking with social media, it looks like Mr Ben Proffitt has been busy updating his website with plenty of news from this year. An amusing tale or two in the final parts three and four.

Further updates come fromthe freestyle scene, including quite a bit coming out of Fuerteventura.

Thijs Westbroek and friends had a good trip there this year. A place that many top freestylers know well, it provides relentless 30-60 knot winds throughout the summer months, day in day out!

Certainly a nice clip, as is the next one. If power, style and crashes is what you look for in a video then this has it all, we are looking forward to the finished piece.

Lastly we finish with Jacob Lindqvist, resident at Club Vass this summer, he shows us that he learnt a thing or two whilst out there in this cool little edit.

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