Welcome back, we\'ve got our usual couple of videos this afternoon, including this one from Wissant. Looks like the locals often get really nice conditions there.

For the freestylers, particularly those in NZ, then it\'s competition time. This weekend will see the NZ Freestyle National Championships in Wellington. Timings are 11am to 6pm Saturday and if required 11am to 4pm Sunday. Word on the street is that UK ex-pat, Al Bentley who now lives in Australia, will be jetting over for the comp. We are looking forward to hearing more about it, for now there are more details here.

Talking of UK freestylers, it looks like Adam Sims has embraced the MOvember and is crying out for donations. Alongside the likes of Max Matissek and Mauricio Alvarez the crew will be offering a free freestyle clinic if they reach €500 before tomorrow night. So if you are feeling generous and fancy donating to a good cause then head over to this link and check out the Sims MO here.

For those that missed it the Boardseeker features went live yesterday as well as a new podcast on the front page about the EFPT Centaur King of the Wind. Take a moment to have a browse, some cool stuff there.

Right the last video for today comes from Sherpas Mind productions. They\'ve got a new ski video coming out and the trailer is just epic. Each shot is perfect!

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