Nick Dempsey proves again to the world that he is the man to beat, as he firmly remains at the top of the leader board and moves away from his competitors. The strong winds that were promised have not yet materialised and are not likely too. In fact the winds have got very marginal and to do well involves a lot of skill, a tactical brain, and to be honest, a lot of luck. The gusts mean that you can be way in front but the following pack can pick up one and accelerate past the leaders. The RS:X’s take a lot of work to maintain speed and accelerate. In the ladies Toni Frey has widened her lead over second and thrid place. Bryony Shaw is now in third and has to make up a lot of ground to catch up with Toni, whilst not impossible it will be a hard challenge for sure.

Nick Dempsey is on top of his game right now, his experience clearly showing and he has the form to be on top in all winds.

Photo Credit: RS:X Europeans