Nik Baker is leading the pack at the Super X in Lanzarote. Baker put in a consistent performance with two 2nd places in . The windier conditions predicted for the end of this event will be to the advantage of Baker and the heavier Albeau who sits in 3rd Place. Cyril Mousilmani lies in second but has a win under his belt, something that Baker needs if he is to stay on top of the ladder.

In the ladies competition, it is that all too familiar name that we see on top of the group. Daida Rueno Moreno. She is closely followed by her sister Iballa with Karin Jaggi further down the pecking order than we expected. These are early results though, Karin is a formidable racer and by the end of the week the result will look very different.

The forecast is for it to get windier throughout the week, and with the swell expected we might see a few more obstacles in the way of the non inflated type.

Photo Credit: PWA/Carter