A very last minute trip was organised by Andy King, Ben Proffitt, Phil Horrocks, his brother Dave, Greg Martin and Adrian Jones to the Isle of Tiree based on the Met Office forecast.

They were after some starboard tack practice and they got it at Crossapol beach on 4m sails in warm sunshine. Usually on Tiree you\'re freezing your knackers off but not in August. The guys also got some good sessions at Balephuil and a freestyle session on the Loch in front of Tiree Windsurf Youth Club who were judging from the shore!

During the Tiree event, (15-22 Oct) sailors will compete in the waves, freestyle and now SUPER X. The Super X event will be supported by a fleet of Super X boards and sails for anyone who wants to give it a go so get that ferry & house booked and get up there!!

Go to www.isleoftiree.com for ferry and accomodation info.

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