PKRA Round 5 Fuerteventura

Day 4

Finally sotavento delivers some nice wind of around 20 knots and the double elimination finals are now complete.

I\’ll bring you a full update later, but we have two new riders on top of the podium.  1st place for the men in a close heat was Youri Zoon (Slingshot) and 1st place for the ladies was Gizella Pulido (Airush)

Overall results are as follows


1st Youri Zoon (Slingshot)

2nd Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil)

3rd Kevin Langeree (Naish)


1st Gizella Pulido (Airush)

2nd Jo Wilson (Naish)

3rd Carolina Winkowski (Naish)


Wind has dropped off slightly for hantime.  The riders are taking 14m\’s down to 9m\’s!

The results for the women are:-

1st Angela Peral (North) – 4.78 secs

2nd Kristin Boese (Best) – 4.45 secs

3rd Brunha Kajia (Best) – 4.42 secs.


1st Kevin Langeree (Naish) 7.48 secs

2nd Alex Soto (Cabrinha) 7.14secs

3rd Rodinia (Cabrinha) 6.96 secs

Day 3

Well Fuerte has continued to deliver stupidly strong winds and the competition got underway at 11am ish this morning continuing with man on man action to optimise the safety in these conditions. 

To be fair watching the heats you wouldn\’t have thought the wind to be strong and riders seemed to have learned to deal with it well.  The wipeouts have reduced in magnitude and the action has increased although mixing up kiteloops with handle passes is still a no no, but the mobes, kgb\’s and slim chances are back into play along with the blind judges – that\’s a railey to aerial handle pass landing toeside although some might say that is the actual judges after some of the decisions made in the day e.g. Ruben Lenten (Slingshot) who went out in a close heat to Mike Blomvall.  Also there are 313\’s (railey to aerial handle pass landning heelside – an extra 180 degree rotation to the blind judge) and of course some enormous kite loops!

Passing up through the rankings were Cesar Portas (North), Mike Blomvall (JN – but was on Naish), Alvaro Onieva (Best) and Mallory Delavillemarque (North)

For the girls Vica Slovekyia (spelled very wrong) riding Cabrinha was ripping landning aerial handle passes and powered raileys.  Gizella Puildo (Airush) was also ripping – she has adapted her style from KPWT to PKRA and she is whooping out some big kite loops from blind, aerial handle passes, some powered raileys and raileys to blind surface handle pass.  Riders going out early then usual were Angela Peral (North) and Ania Grzelinska (North).

Competition has stopped for today as the wind picks up some more and the judges have decided that they don\’t want to run the finals in \’death on a stick\’ conditions, so the action can be way more impressive early tomorrow when the wind is lighter!

Day 2

was off the scale windy!!!  Can\’t really say how many knots!  But it was a lot!!!!  There were even some small waves to add to the challenge of keeping your edge!!!!

Riders going off today were Kevin Langeree (Naish), Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil), Youri Zoon (Slingshot) and Petr Tybushkwi (Cabrinha).  Again there were not many kite loop handle passes going on due to the strenth of the wind, but the kite loops were absolutely huge.

Ruben Lenten began his heat to his usual level with absolutely insane kite loops – way bigger then you can even jump – letalone kiteloop, but unfotunately he crashed a lot in the second half of the heat.  I say unfortunately, but not for Kevin langeree who rode a consistent and technical heat throughout.

For the girls things were exciting and unusual results.  The PKRA World Champion Kristin Boese (Best) came up against the KPWT World Champion Gizella Puildo (Airush).  Niether were riding to the best of their ability considering they were on a 5m and 4m respectively – however both passed aerial handle passes, gizella bust out some big kite loops and kristin landed some back to wrapped surface handle pass and railey to blind surface handle passes.  Both riders were very impressive, but in a 4-1 decision by the judges Kristin passed through!  Not everyone is happy with the decision to say the least!!!!

However on the other side of the draw Carolina Winkowski (Naish) was cleaning up.  She made her way through to the final on her 4m kite and 20m lines.  Despite her small size she was ripping and landning powered unhooked moves and passing aerial handle passes.  The other girl to make it to the final was me!!  YEAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

I tried to ride fast and hard busting out as many tricks as possible and intermingling in with unhooked raileys and s bends.  I tried one down loop s bend against the world champion – but to be fair it was hell windy and I won\’t be tryin ghtta again soon!!!!

Results – Brits clean up!!!! 

1st Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil)

2nd Kevin Langeree (Naish)

3rd Youri Zoon (slingshot)


1st Jo Wilson (Naish)

2nd Carolina Winkowski (Naish)

3rd Kristin Boese (Best)

The first day is complete and despite the strikes in Madrid airport and the missing judge things got under way with no major mishaps, but many major wipeouts with winds gusting up to 45 knots!

Heats were ridden with just two on the water at one time which was probably lucky considering the strength of the wind and the size of the wipeouts.

Wipeout of the day goes to Baz Koole (Best) who busted the most enormous double kite loop coming into land almost at the right position, but not quite.  On impact his back foot catapulted the board so hard that the board took off around 6feet in the air and rocketed quite a few meters downwind before hitting the water!  Was something never seen before I am sure.

General moves being pulled off were flat 3\’s and mobes, Kite loops with grabs, but no handle passes mixed in.  Occasionally there was a double handle pass, but most ended in wipe outs and hangtime was a big theme!!!

Riders standing out at this stage are Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil) – about the only one to do kite loop handle pass!  He is hungry for the come back!  Youri Zoon (Slingshot)!  His kite loops are Ruben Lenten style.  Ruben Lenten is riding very well, but not to his usual wow factor yet!

In the girls the riders standing out were small and young – both under 14 and probably weigh under 45kilo\’s!!!  Carolina Winkowska (Naish) narrowlty missed the landning on a high aerial handle pass on her 4m kite!  Gizella Pulido (Airush) stuck her 313!  I watched Gizella ride in conditions only slightly less strong then today and she landed 2 front mobes, 313\’s was learning flat 3\’s from toeside and apparently landed back mobes (although I didn\’t see those – but it doesn\’t surprise me that she does these)

Uk riders here are Tom Court (North).  He had Mallory Delavillemarque (North) first heat.  Mallory is currently 5th in the rankings and had a good heat.  Tom was busting some big moves, but no so clean on the landings as Mallory and as such Mallory passed to round 2.

Other UK rider Robin Snuggs (Flexifoil) also put up a good heat against Alvaro Onieva (Best).  Alvaro is currently 4th on the world rankings.  Robyn pulled out unhooked kiteloops and an aerial handle pass as well as double s bend and other good tricks, but it was not enough to beat Alvaro\’s handle pass variations and technical low level tricks

Last but not least I (Jo Wilson – Naish) am also still in the competition.  I had Gabi Steindl (North).  I had a good heat and landed unhooked s bend, raileys on both tacks and a bunch of twiddly moves – hopefully powerful and high – at least felt like that.  I have passed to round 2.

The competition today stopped after the first round considering the length of time it was taking by running 2 riders at one time.  Kick off tomorrow is 11am.  I\’ll keep you posted.

Photo Credit: Boardseeker


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