The original techinque guru, Peter Hart, presents his latest DVD - "How to go Faster".

"Screeching across the water with a degree of control and overtaking mates will always be the windsurfer\'s most popular pastime," says \'Harty\', an early member of the exclusive 40 knot club. "What this programme does is share the tactical and technical know how that can transport them to nirvana that much faster. It\'s all about finding the extra knot that spells the difference between consternation and adulation. It\'s informative, humorous and easy to take on board."

It is presented not only in Peter Harts veritable style, but also with help from those at the top the game including Bjorn Dunkerbeck and Dave White.

For a full review on this DVD, you will have to wait a few more weeks till next issue!

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