The Red Bull Storm Chase windsurfers have been selected. All we need now is one big storm between September and December. When that Storm hits Europe the stormriders will be taking it on as it tracks across the North of Europe. Ireland is likely to be hit first meaning that Timo Mullen and Oisin Van Gelderen will be first up. Britain will be next before it tracks to the rest of Europe… Well that is the plan.

The Storm Chasers:

Belgium: Filip Loosvelt, Tom Scheirlinck

Denmark: Robert Sand, Mads Björna

Ger. Baltic: Matze Bade, Normen Günzlein

Ger. Baltic east: Oskar Hollmann, Jan-Mark Möde

Ger. North sea: Klaas Voget, Thorben Sonntag

Ireland: Timo Mullen, Oisin van Gelderen

Netherlands: Peter Volwater, Kevin Mevissen

Norway: Hans-Kristian Waarum, Orian Jensen

Scotland: John Hibbard, Stephen Moore

Sweden: Kristoffer Living, Emma Johansson

Great Britain: Ben Proffitt, Phil Horrocks


Photo Credit: Various