A total of 63 sailors raced at the Formula Eurocup in Silvaplana, showing that Formula Racing is still going from strength to strength. The inclusion of Slalom in the Eurocup events brings more excitement and added versatility to change to the conditions.

Ross Williams led from Day 1 in the racing, but the end the event saw his main rival and training partner Arnon Dagen take 4 straight wins. After two discards and some very close racing Arnon won the course racing by the narrowest of margins of 0.3pts. Keith Atkinson from the UK kept up his consistency to finish in 6th place overall.

On form Williams kept his pace throughout the final to take a very worthy win off Finian Maynard who is the current IFCA slalom champion and also won the last Slalom PWA racing in Turkey. Maynard was sitting ahead, but let three slip through as he was unable to get to top speed out of a gybe. Williams kept on the pressure to victory, with Dagen in second place. Only 1 race for slalom at this event.

The Marathon race again was won by Dagen who showed superior speed over the fleet on a course board.

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Photo Credit: Formula Windsurfing