RRD have introduced the new Hyper Type bow kite to the UK market. They have listened to both the highlights and lowlights of previous kites of it sorts and have now developed a bow that more then meets the demands of the riders of all standards.

The result a stable, fast turning kite with light bar pressure combined with the power and depower abilities of the bow!!

Here are a few words from a test

The kite is extremely easy to set up straight out the bag. A well thought up bar comes with the kite where centre lines attach to a bridle on the leading edge of the kite. RRD continue there fool proof line attachment points so that you can\'t set up the kite wrong. This year the bar has been amped up more with some useful features such as:

Ø With one bar you can change the size by using the different attachment points on the bar horns.

Ø The depower rope is now covered in PVC for less wear.

Ø The chicken loop has now a swivel so that none of the lines spin.

Ø A very simple Chicken loop release system has been added.

Ø Handle pass leash with easy release.

I first flew the kite in offshore Gusty winds on land. The first thing you notice is how stable the kite is. The bar does not need to be pushed out so far to depower unlike other bow kites. There is still a \'feel\' to the kite as well even with the bar fully out.

Depowering the kite is very simple. The clam cleat system works smoothly and every time making it easy to power the kite up and depower the kite. To the left of the bar a handle is available for self-landing in difficult situations. This year the handle has been rethought so it stays put through out flying.

2 options are available for the safety leash. A small ring connected to the centre lines runs through the bar offering 100% depower or for the more advanced riders connecting the leash to the chicken loop.

The kite flies very smoothly through the window and has no signs of over fly above your head even in gusty winds. It turns quickly on its tips and has a very direct feeling to the bar.

The most impressive thing about this kite is the hangtime. Small jumps on the land send you upwards and you stay there. You can feel the kite wanting to take you up vertically rather then power you downwind with a hard landing.

This is a very easy to use kite good for the beginner with the great depower and has all the performance an advanced rider could wish for. Quick turning, direct feel and massive hangtime potential.

Photo Credit: RRD