Hot off the Press - the first day of the Fat Face Festival has been a roaring success. Perfect 5m weather greeted the hundreds of sailors who turned up for some fun racing. Ok, so it was raining but who cared as 300 new racers felt the competitve bug for the first time.

Then it was the turn of the Pros to attempt Super X in the dark. The floodlights lit up the beach but not much else but that didn\'t seem to stop the likes of Nik Baker, John Skye, Phil Horrocks, Andy King, Ben Proffitt and Chris Audsley pull off loops and sausage jumping to the delight of the slightly merry spectators.

It\'s all on tommorow so get down there!!


1. Nik Baker 2. John Skye 3. Kevin Mevissen 4. Andy King

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