Take an opportunity to get some decent windsurfing in El Tur, famed for its mix of flat water and good bump and jump and onshore waves. The Egypt windstats for November will guarantee maximum amount of time on the water, and with one of Britains most enthusiastic coaches behind you all the way its a winner for dinner.

Based at the centre this course will cater for mixed abilities from stance, carving, free style and looping. If you are ambitious then why not do it all! If you are really keen to improve your windsurfing we cannot recommend enough how useful a good coach can be. Take a step back and let yourself by analysed, watch yourself on video and let this windsurfing maniac do the hard work for you.

If you want to read our special feature about the benefits of a personal coach then click HERE.

October 28th - November 4th

At £585 plus tuition and kit hire. this is a very good deal, it includes flight, half board and transfers.

The bookings are taken through Sportif on 01273 844919 or sportif@compuserve.com


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