It\'s been going off in Sweden and Marie Edlund Tjernberg was there too tell us what happened..

The annual competition, Wave Classic, took place in Varberg, on the south west coast of Sweden. Saturday was a sunny day but unfortunately without wind. But the forecast for the next day was very promising and as predicted, along with Sunday came wind. Morning conditions were approximately 15 m/s wind, direction southwest, side shore and with small waves. Everyone was so exited about the conditions, since a real wave competition hasn’t been run since 1999 at Wave Classic. Sadly, the wind direction changed to full onshore just as the competition started. One elimination was run, and despite the difficult conditions impressive jumps could be seen on the water. In the afternoon the 8 best men and 4 best ladies made a Super session. Kristoffer Living won with an impressing tabletop forward and I made a nice grubby in front of the judges tower which scored best. Although the wind direction wasn’t the best, I think both the event organizer and the competitors were pretty satisfied with Wave Classic 2006.

RESULTS Swedish Championship, Wave Classic Men: Lars Pedersen D-99 Kristoffer Living S-80 (official Swedish Champion) Andreas Olandersson S-66

Ladies: Marie Edlund Tjernberg S-6 Frida Wiraeus S-93 Emma Johansson S-37

Expect more from the Swedish wave star soon in Boardseeker, but for now check out the pictures of her in action...

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