Avon beach, Spot on Water and the \'Cool Shoe Corporation\' served up yet another succesful weekend of Super X action.

Whilst Sunday was a day for the Sunbathers, Saturday gave the spectators on the beach 5 races to watch. It was clear from the start that to go fast you needed to be on bigger kit, Chris Audsley, John Hibbard and Matt Wemms were on specialist Super X kit and were visibly faster than those on freestyle kit. As there was only one spock to be done on the course the decision payed off well and Chris, John and Matt came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. It was a victory by the tighest of margins, one race seperated Hibbard and Audsley, that one race also needed a video replay to decide. In total there were 8 races, meaning a whopping total of 24 giant sausages to leap over.

Richard Potter was also sailing really fast and in many cases was the only one not to lose speed out of the spock section. Potter was also on Freestyle kit, but still managing to go super fast. Adam Cropper creator of the Turf Dog\'s came in at First Amateur and Ruth Elliot first Lady, with Graham Woods as first youth.

Full report including video action next issue...

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