So we finally left Moulay Bouzerktoun, but the carnage wasn\'t over yet. On the way back we stopped for two days sailing in Guincho, a surf in Porto, then headed up to Hossegor where we jumped off a bridge! Then we went wine tasting at some Chateau\'s (because we really understand that kind of thing) before embarking on the final ferry home.

All vans made it there and back apart from the Sheffield boys whose clutch cable snapped in Gibralter. They tied it back on with some down haul rope and just made it! Gramps has been home nearly 2 weeks and still hasn\'t caught his rat and all those on the trip who graduated this year are finding it hard to accept that they are starting work and paying for the rest of us to carry on at Uni!

I would like to thank my sponsors (Fat face, Sola, Naish, Reef) and more importantly Boardseeker and Cameras Underwater who all supported the trip.

I\'m now busy writing up the Road Trip for the next issue of Boardseeker out very soon!!

Tanya Saleh

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