So, pretty much like last year we have a lack of wind today, but that did\'nt stop the crowds passing through Sandbanks, There was plenty to do and see and there will be tomorrow. Firstly you can browse and see all the new gear on show, then watch the stunt wake boarding on the beach, which is next to the freestyle mountain bike show, also on the beach.

Next to the mountain biking, and this is drawing plenty of attention, is the UK Volleyball exhibitions, women in bikinis and men in trunks diving in the sand. Something for everyone there. Braun are also there in presence, and are grabbing anyone with a slight hint of stubble and redesigning their beards!

On the water , the main activity has been Team 15 racing and a Youth Freestyle Expression session, so there has been plenty going on. It will be more of the same tomorrow, so is worth a look

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