Andy "Bubble" Chambers yet again kep the bar raised as he took the title for the second year running. Andy who spends much of the year working in Club Vass, narrowly took second place ahead of Simon Hurrey, Club Vass team mate and the manager of Club Dahab. Ben Proffit finished up in third, with a much improved Pip Pardoe in 4th place.

The weekend saw little action, apart from an "off the scale" Animal party with several bands and D\'J\'s, it was one to remember, or not too as the case may have been for many people. There was also a lot of non planing freestyle expression sessions from the youths and amatuers alongside even more mountain biking and volleyball displays.

The windsurfing festival season does not end hear though. In just less than a months time there is the inter galatically infamous Tiree Wave Classic, followed by the huge white air experience. Windsurfing has never had it so good!

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