It happens every year, but the Germans just can\'t get enough of it! Thousands line the beach and promenade watching the sailors rig up, watching the sailors chat to each other, in fact, just staring at the sailors all day long! The brands have autograph stands and they are packed. The Pros are dragged up onto stages to speak about their sport & their homeland in front of hundreds of adoring fans. It is like no other windsurfing contest and the Pros either love it or just look bewildered with all the attention!

As for the actual sailing, well, it\'s the hottest Sylt most competitors can remember: blazing sunshine but not a breath of wind today. However, this contest runs till next weekend and the forecast for Friday is looking good. Then Sylt turns into a grey, rainy, windy place with monster shorebreak to contend with if you can survive the outer waves on the sand bar. However, this doesn\'t put the crowds off, they just drink more beer to fend off the feeling of cold!

All the Pros are here ready to do battle: Antoine Albeau leads the Slalom Tour, Kevin Pritchard leads the Wave Tour and Jose Estredo leads the Freestyle Tour. In the Ladies fleet, Daida Moreno is leading the Wave Tour (they aren\'t competing in freestyle this year).

So all we need is the wind......

Photo Credit: PWA/Carter