This event just keeps getting more popular. Its the simplest form of competition that anyone who can plane in the harness (and preferably the footstraps) can do. The objective is simple - sail as fast as you can between point A and B, now is that really that hard.

As we monitor the build up to the Speed Week which opens at Portland Harbour, Weymouth on the 2nd of October and lasts a week, we hear that more sponsors are taking part. Dakine are offering £1000 for the first person to break the Weymouth Harbour Record. The record is currently held by Bjorn Dunkerbeck.

Dunkerbeck, Dave White, Dan Ellis, will be amongst the competitors and are sure to be putting some of the fastes events, the question is; Can you beat them?

For an entry then click HERE and fill it in online.

To read about last years event click HERE

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