Wind at last - all 15 knots of it!! But that was enough to run 3 slalom rounds making four in total and giving the sailors their first discard.

ROUND 2 was won by Finian Maynard (Neil Pryde/F2) with Micah Buzianis (Neil Pryde/JP) in second and Bernd Flessner (Neil Pryde/F2) in third.

ROUND 3 was won by Bjorn Dunkerbeck (North) with Kevin Pritchard (Maui Sails/Starboard) in second and Antoine Albeau (Neil Pryde/Starboard) in third.

ROUND 4 was won by Micah Buzianis with Antoine Albeau in second and Florent Renard in third.

Three more days of competition and more wind forecast, enough for slalom and freestyle but not enough for waves.

SLALOM results after 4 Rounds

1. Micah Buzianis 2. Antoine Albeau 3. Arnon Dagan 4. Ross Williams 5. Cyril Moussilmani

Photo Credit: PWA/Carter