A Kitesurfer breaking the Weymouth Speed Record - is this the sign of things to come? Well, it was certainly the topic of debate last night in the pub, after a pretty decent wave sailing session here on the south coast of England.

The guy who has broken the overall Weymouth Speed Record is Amateur Nigel Rowes, a good friend of the blokes who were out sailing. He is from Hill Head. Bjorn Dunkerbeck was not there to compete as he was on his way back from Sylt, but there were certainly a good pedigree of windsurfers there. Hopefully we will see the record back on our half of the pitch soon.

But if you think about it, Kiting has two distinct advantages at Weymouth, firstly the Kite can be flown up where the air is cleaner and faster, with less gusts. Secondly the board can skim in the lee of the shore where it is still mirror flat, the wind has not chopped it up yet. There are only 3 more days to go, but today has got plenty of wind. The ball should now be with the windsurfers...

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