Were they really going that fast that Carbon Toilet Seats were needed. I guess when you are talking durability and strength to weight ratio combined with performance, the Carbon Toilet seat is becoming a necessity for the modern day speed sailor.

The Navman Maui Speed Challenge , presented by Naish Sails, which has been running in Maui all summer is over, they haven\'t had the super strong winds that they were expecting, but they had enough. In the end Jaque Parvet and Kai Lenny of Naish Sails took honours in their departments against such prestige as Anders Bringdal and Alex Aguera.

The winners were all presented with custom finished Naish Carbon Toilets seats for their efforts: Naish\'s comments on such an affair: " These are designed to take virtually any bathroom to a \'whole new level\'!"

Photo Credit: Naish