The wind blew for at least half the event for Turbulences\' annual kite jam in Llandudno, North Wales. 15-18 Northerly knots on saturday allowed all riders to take their 12-14m\'s. Heats were held for 15 minute durations with 5 riders in each! All styles were welcome old skool, new skool even your own skool as the case was for lean mean, fighting machine, Mark Randal who wasn\'t going to let one little big bad head high shore dump take him down!!?

Riders standing loud and proud were the likes of Jake Scrace, Lewis Crathern, Martyn Hogg...

The aim of this Jam is to get as many people involved as possible and with the biggest prize collection known to man there wasn\'t a catagory that wasn\'t your strong point!!!

Results are to come when I have all the catagories

Sunday the wind teased, but didn\'t come through, but that was great news for the climbing wall and the indo board championships! Indo board champion goes to Tall Paul Thompson!!

Check here very soon, with final results

Photo Credit: Turbulence