It was a beautiful day on Tiree - sunny with a Force 3 meaning if you had a 7m sail you were fine! However this meant no official competiton held today. So Boardseeker decided to sponsor an Expression Session in the semi-planing winds for all fleets.

Corona also put up a crate of their finest and before you knew it, hundreds hit the water!! However, it was helium boy, Ben Proffitt, who planed through most of the final heat to win £100 and the crate of Corona which is now sitting outside his rented house as their is no room in the fridge. As for the £100 - that\'s going to the land lady for rent!

Tuesday/Wednesday forecast is for 35 knots from the North-east. Brrrrrrrrrr.....!

PHOTOS: The Helium Boy slips through the shorebreak to victory.

Ben with YOUTH winner Rich Jones & JUNIOR winner Graham Woods (they got a T-shirt & a DVD each).

Rich Jones mid-spock (yes, he did pull it off).

Photo Credit: John Carter