Ok, so the wind did not blow but the sun doth shone all day. Saying that, the event organisers had 6 sets of freeride/super x kit on the beach with big old sails so a Slalom race was run for anyone who fancied it, again with a crate of Corona for the winner.

But the real highlight from Monday was Professional Photographer, John Carter, and his now famous annual Quiz night. With such questions as, "Who won the Weymouth Speed Week this year?" and "Which sponsor is on the collar of the Event Rash Vests?" (answers at the end) it was very much a windsurfers quiz.

So what about the competition? Well, we\'re all banking on this North-east wind bringing some swell. Apparently the Isle of Lewis has swell so hopefully this will come furthur north to hit Tiree in the next 24 hrs.

PHOTOS: Slalom racing in Gott Bay & Phil Horrocks at the Maze on the Saturday.

Answers: Kitesurfer Nigel Bowley & Boardseeker.com

Photo Credit: Quiz Master