Q. What did you think of the supercross yesterday?

Iballa: "Really good fun, all the girls enjoyed it, very good

experience, hopefully next year there\'ll be more events and we can

build a decent tour out of it"

Q. How was it for you?

Iballa: I was second until the last race and then went over early on

the start. Junko was winning but hit the last sausage, this meant that

Karin came through in second, Junko in fourth so Karin won overall.

Q. Was the course too difficult for most of the girls (i.e not the top 4)?

No!! All the girls can

duck gybe, they’re just not used to using such big equipment but with

practice for sure they will be able to do the course. I came from Pozo

where I was using 3.7m sails and to do forwards now on a 6.2 is quite

different. All the girls were trying forward loops and they were

rotating although its really hard on that size of equipment. Once they

got used to the course the racing really improved.

Thankyou. Adios.