WHITEAIR doesn\'t quite deliver for the windsurfers. The only day of predicted wind, Thursday, only just gave enough for a freestyle session, and a pretty marginal one at that.

The first problem was where to park around the packed event site, as there was so much going on that there did not seem to be too much room for the competitors. So once we had carried our kit down the main road and onto the beach we got underway for a semi planing freestyle competition, as the wind swung a bit more offshore.

Ben Proffit, probably the favourite in these conditions made his way to first place in the final, followed by Chris Audsley and Andy King. But even for these guys the gusty and choppy conditions proved really tricky, and we did not see the full bag of tricks.

The day was definately for the youths and juniors who were out in full force. Two very notable performances stood out. Richard Jones with spocks and flakas, and in the lighter winds Matthew Leonard was very impressive with geckos, clew first geckos and so many other tricks it was harder for the judges to keep up.

Saturday looks promising for some wind, but whether it will be enough for a title ranking competition is yet to be known.

Whatever happens we will keep you right up to date.

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