The wind was not really on the side of the BKSA this weekend (9-11th Sept) and as such friday and saturday was enjoyed by those that surf. However sunday was a different story and as the clouds parted the wind began to blow, the swell was still pumping, big kites were pumped up and the competiton got well and truely underway! Twin tips were left in the vans and the surfboards came out to play.

The wave series is run in a different format to any others run in the UK. Everyone goes out and rides their ickle hearts out. They eeshhhh whichever wave they fancy and can take on the biggest giants safe in the knowledge there is always rescue cover keeping a close eye!! It\'s a relaxed fun event that feels like free riding while stil being a comp!!

Judging the comp is the riders themselves based on the footage from a team of cameramen on the beach. They capture the day\'s fun and all the riders then over night the footage is edited ready for scrutiny over a few bevvies!! As the competition was held on the last day results won\'t be revealed until the final round in Porth Cawl on the 22/23 Oct.

Round 1 results: -

1st Jason Furness (Flexifoil)

2nd Kirsty Jones (Flexifoil)

3rd Denzil Williams (F One)

Good to see some old faces back on the scene!!!

Photo Credit: Chris Rolling