The EFPT have had another good year with plenty of events & plenty of action. Their last event, Hallowind, starts 1st NOV in Premantura, Croatia. So we have daily updates from top Russian sailors, Egor Popretinskiy (RUS-11) & Sergey Mikheev (RUS-13) who are hoping to boost their final year rankings with good results at this contest.

They are already they and here is what they have to say:

Sergey: The coming forecast is looking very good and should be windy in the next few days. We\'re hoping it will be a great event. Egor\'s target is to get into the top 16 and mine is to get as much experience as I can for next year.

We have had one day of practice so far & lots of skateboarding off the water! It\'s been a little bit cold, wind from the North-east up to 15 knots but gusty. We spent about 4 hours today practicing and sailing with the other guys - Andre Paskowski (G-2), our friend Ruben Petrisie (NB-50) and Sumereder Michael (AUT-9). The sailing conditions are quite hard here being choppy and gusty. Andre was the best today on the water; very stable and powerful.

We have had a 5 week break before this event so we spent a lot of time just adapting to the local conditions but at the end of day , everything was falling into place. Nice surprise to find a group of fans on the beach! They have been supporting us all day while we practice. The organizers are expecting a lot of people to come and watch the competition as Premantura is located just under two hours drive from Italy/Austria and under six hours from Germany/Poland. We will let you know who turns up......

PHOTOS from the top: Andre Paskowski, Egor and Sergey on & off the water!

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