The dream continues to be chased in Namibia as the fastest windsurfers in the world try to go faster than anything before.

Bjorn Dunkerbeck missed the world record by only 0.5 knots, but set a production record on the mile with 39.52 knots. Plus new national records set for the following windsurfers:

Hennie Bredenkamp (RSA) Alain de Gendt (BEL) Dave White (GBR) Franz Grabner (AUT) Frank Stein (NAM) Nick Vardalachos (GRE) Thomas Doeblin (GER) Morten Knutsen (NOR) Maaike Kallenborn (NED)

Juergen Geiger (NAM) and Rob Munro (GBR) also set new national records on the mile on their kiteboarders.

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