Hi Everyone, Sergey & Egor here, your Russian reporters!

Finally we got the wind for a single and double elimination with competition finishing in the moonlight! Conditions weren\'t very good; a gusty wind somewhere between 5.2m and 4.2m (I was on 4.7), very cold (my fingers were frozen) and very choppy. It was difficult to do anything and everyone felt the same. Even the most experienced sailors made a lot of mistakes on a simple tricks like the spock. We tried to do our best but our performance was around 60% from normal.

In the first round (single elimination) Egor easily passed Mazzocca Vittorio (ITA-I52) but lost in the next round to Matteo Guazzoni (I-711), currently second in the EFPT rankings. I did beat Michael Rossmeier (AUT-256) in the first roung which was a quite surprise to everyone! But then I lost to Ruben Petrisie (NB-50). I wasn\'t happy with the judges decision, I had done 8 more tricks, all clean but the victory went to Ruben!

So onto the double elimination: here Egor won over Sumereder Michael (AUT-9) but lost to Tine Slabe (SLO-6) and again by a very questionable judges decision! I won the next three rounds over Patrice Riboit (FRA-27), Marco Simic (CRO-360), Hartmann Tom (AUT 44) but in a very equal battle lost to Pedrani Mattia (I-00).

Anyway it wasn\'t a completely bad day as I\'m currently in 7th place (not bad for my first EFPT event) and Egor is in 13th.

Other riders: Andre Paskowski (G-2) easily won the single elimination, second was Andreas Olandersson (S-66) and Matteo Guazzoni (I-711) in third. Andreas was the true hero of the day. He was sailing with broken ribs but didn\'t miss a single heat! The double was again won by Andre but with Matteo in second & Andreas in third.

That\'s all for today. We are full of hope for tomorrow and want to seek revenge!

Sergey & Egor from Croatia

PHOTOS: The top two are Sergey, then the cold, choppy beach, then Egor then the pair of them together...ahhh!!

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