Not so much to report from the main event, light winds and small waves were the theme of the day. These conditions were great if you were little, the show was saved by the grommets..

The contest goes on for the kids, with successful completion of the Menehune, Juniors and Junior Women Divisions. Rising stars Kai Lenny, Marcilio Neto, Kalani Hunt, Ashley and Connor Baxter wowed the crowds with aerials and smooth waverides in tricky lightwind conditions at world famous Hookipa Beach Park. In the final, Kai Lenny took the win over fellow Naish rider Brazilian sensation Marcilio Neto - using his weight advantage to maximium effect, Kai cherry-picked the best waves, giving him the edge. New Naish Sails Team Member Ashley Baxter was styling on her new sails, making all the way into second in the Junior Women Division.

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