Josh Angulo & Iballa Moreno WIN the single elimination!

With one more day of competition to go, the organisers are trying to squeeze in the double elimination which gives everyone a second chance whilst Josh & Iballa hang out on the beach waiting to see who will compete against them in the second final.

So how did everyone else do with only waves counting?


1. Josh Angulo 2. Kevin Pritchard 3. Levi Siver 4. Jason Polakow

Kauli Seadi got knocked out in the quarter finals by Maui local Kai Katchadourian. Nik Baker & Ross Williams had a great day making it to the semi-finals before being beaten by Jason Polakow & Kevin Pritchard.


1. Iballa Moreno 2. Karin Jaggi 3. Junko Nagoshi 4. Jennifer Henderson

Daida Moreno & Anne Marie Reichman were beaten by Jennifer Henderson & Junko Nagoshi in the semi-finals. Maui local Tatiana Howard did well making it to the semi-finals before being beaten by Iballa & Karin Jaggi.

So ONE more day left. We bet some sailors will be praying for good conditions so they can claw their way back to the top!

PHOTOS from top: Josh Angulo, Kevin Pritchard, Iballa Moreno, Jason Polakow did she sneak in here!!

Photo Credit: John Carter/PWA