This was to be the British Super X championships. But despite strong gusting winds it never materialised enough to finish a full race. The NE winds proved to offshore and gusty despite initial promise. We all had a good few practice runs whilst the course was trying to be set. This is one thing about Super X, the conditions need to be perfect and this time they were not. The tide was also ripping through the course. The jump buoys were also huge, the technique was to jump ON the buoy then hop off it, there were massive gusts on the outside mark and lulls on the inside. The element of apprehension is raised in Super X over Slalom, there are so many pressure points. The Forward loop, the duck gybes, the spocks, and the massive buoys you have to jump over. Sadly we never completed a full round.

To make up for it, a big expression session was held, the idea to go and get the biggest most impressive move that would wow the crowds – The prize an Animal mountain bike. A one move winner!!

Today the winds are lighter as the amateurs and Slalom Pro’s turn up. With their massive sails there is bound to be some action.

Report Clyde Waite.

Photo Credit: Clyde Waite