Whilst there was Sun and moments of action on the outside, inside the tent was brimming with new toys. The all new unseen AHD range, which looks very “must have", compared to previous years. A very impressive stand from Maui Sails and Angulo Boards catches the eye immediately.

Also on show was the full range of Goya Sails and Boards. The JP, Neil Pryde, Tiga, Mistral and Fanatic stands were all brimming with released products. The new North range looks very slick with its all white, super clean “white sails". Starboard had their all new “isonic" slalom board to raise a few eyebrows.

Then there is the brand new super fast “Stealth" from Naish, and its blaster sibling, and first one in the country -the twin cam RED LINE. T1 had there "Dunkerbeck" edition all out slalom boards in full carbon too. Elsewhere in the show are new masts from Fibrespar, and the speed record breaking Mavericks, from Italy.

There is plenty to see and do, with mountain bike demonstrations, kiting, partying and of course continued racing and freestyle, and commentry from illustrious Irishman Timo Mullen.

Photo Credit: Clyde Waite