Northern Europe may have been experiencing its best season for a looonng time, so long that even a piece of string would not be long enough. But the brunt of the relentless wind has been taken up by Ireland. It has been windy everyday since October, and our occasional correspondent Oisin van Gelderen has been out nearlevery single day since October. He tells us that since November he has had to buy a 3.2 and used it 10 times.

Apparently it has been too windy on the West Coast most of the time. Rob from Kerry has had to make himself a 2.4metre sail so he can go sailing. Oisin makes a fairly reasonable point that it would be quite daft to go all the way to the West Coast and get murdered whilst he can barely hang on in the mast high waves in the bay of Dublin\'s fair city.

The pictures are of the new radical wave spot that is the Bay of Dublin with Oisin Van Gelderen showing the world how to deal with force 10.

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