Monster swells hit the UK\'s shore\'s yesterday. Beach\'s that usually experience cross onshore dumpers were suddenly holding mast and a half high waves, more like the kind you would associate with Australia, Cape Town, Maui and Ireland. The only difference being that it is in the depths of winter and their are big wooden obstacles called groynes in the way. WIth the wind being Westerly they were rideable. Pictured here are Boardseeker riders Clyde Waite and James Cox struggling against the elements on a Bournemouth beach..

Clyde "It was hard work, there was a massive dumping shore break, we were getting hammered on 4.2\'s the wind was super gusty and the waves would suddenly jack up and barrell leaving no way out, we all swam a lot!"

Coxy "we had ridiculous Southbourne wedges to hit - wedges on steroids and everyone was getting duly punished"

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