S99 is his sail number, you will have seen him busting big backloops at Big Bay or pulling off the latest freestyle moves at the lake in Cape Town if you\'ve ever been there. Andreas placed 3rd overall on the EFPT pro freestyle tour in 2006 and his talents have not gone amiss by Fanatic International.

Fanatic Brand Manager Craig Gertenbach:

"We have been following Andreas´s progress on the EFPT the past three years and also watched him train in South Africa off season. He is not only one of the best Freestylers around at the moment, but more importantly his energy and enthusiasm makes him the perfect addition to the Fanatic International Windsurfing Team! We wish Andreas all the best for the 2007 season."

Andreas: "I´m very happy! It feels good to be appreciated in a team when you spend more or less your whole life in a sport going 100%. Nice team, good boss…can´t go wrong! I´ve been trying my main Freestyleboard Skate 99 a lot actually. I really like it and it fits me perfect, it´s the most important thing for the competition season… To feel confident with the equipment and especially the boards."

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