Boardseeker: What prompted the change from Starboard to Tabou? Ross: I saw it as a great opportunity to sart something new and fresh, with and up and coming brand determined to make an impact on windsurfing.

Boardseeker: Does this mean that Tabou will be designing a Formula Board? Ross: Not yet, but we are talking about doing something. We want to see if there will still be a market for it, now that we have the RSX\'s and the PWA are going in another racing direction.

Boardseeker: What will you use to do Formula racing instead? Ross: Whatever is best!

Boardseeker: What is your role within Tabou? Ross: I will be their top racer, and I will be doing slalom board testing, as well as doing all the PWA Wave, Super X and Racing. It sounds like a lot of events, but I really enjoy it, so it doesn\'t bother me about all the travel. You are only young once!

Boardseeker: Will we being seeing you at any UK comps in the near future? Ross: I would love to do some events back in the UK, but I am pretty busy getting the Race sails done for Gaastra, and then I have the international events to do. So for now, no. But if I am ever in the country next year I will. Laters.. Ross.

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