The Hawaiian Ocean games start this month, and are hosted by Tropical Energy at Hookipa beach park. The idea is to combine some great wave riding sports into a unique event with Hawaiian spirit, or so it says on the poster...

"For centuries, the Makahiki season was a time of peace and agricultural fertility for Hawaii, a time when Hawaiians indulged in games, music and festivities. This spirit lives on in Hawaii, with its North Facing shores being buffeted with big waves throughout this time (November to February), allowing the traditional art of riding waves to live on as an inherent part of the culture.

The Ocean Games are not only a means of celebrating this special time, but also a way to bring together the most talented and respected watermen in the world for a festival that combines old with new and sport with music and art, for a celebration of Ocean culture, something that the Hawaiian people have being doing for centuries. Get ready for the most prolific ocean sports experience imaginable. "

To find out more about this unique event and watch the trailors then click HERE

The Ocean Games start on the Friday 16th of Feburary and run for four days.

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