The famous Big Bay Classic starts today in Cape Town. Big Bay hosted PWA wave slalom events back in the 1990\'s but then the Tour moved on and this event became locals only. It died off completely until this year when the windsurfing retailers, in particular, Bay Sports decided to take advantage of all the Euro riders here training and the upsurgence of windsurfing amongst the locals and start up this famous event again.

Big Bay itself has seen massive change over the last two years with the once scrubland now full of houses, flats and shopping malls. Consequently the beachfront has been radically altered with a new car park and a very fancy beach house where the event is being run from.

Boardseeker will be there filming the action over the next four days and looking at the forecast it could be awesome with big swell and the south-easter kicking in on Friday. Registration was last night and riders such as Kevin Mevissen, Ben Proffitt, Phil Horrocks, Oisin Van Gelderen, Andrea Olandersson and many more have signed up. We will keep you posted as to what happens!

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