We caught up with Daida Rueno Moreno who had this to say:

"We simply didn´t find an agreement with Mistral. Iballa and I have been for more than 8 years with the same sponsors and have always been working with them 100% giving them the most we could give to try to make windsurfing a better sport. It was a tough decision but we had to move forward. This doesn´t mean we are going to quit windsurfing whatsoever, we are more motivated than ever and this gave us strength and courage to continue forward and expand our marketing purposes even further. We are open to negotiations with other board brands but at the moment we will have blank boards until we find a correct path to our future."

The departure of the twins with no new sponsor is certainly in our view not overly positive. They are two iconic women in and out of windsurfing in both male and female circles and it sounds like they are standing by their belief in womens windsurfing. Will 2007 bring about two world champions on unbranded kit?

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