The latest Hawiian craze has made its way to Europe and full production. The first man to fully explore the potential of stand up paddling was Laird Hamilton. Even three years ago he could be seen taking waves all the way from Hookipa to Sprecks and showing the amazing surfing and cruising potential of these boards. Whilst they may take a while to get the balance, there is no doubt that with the paddle you can move about the surf very quickly and catch waves very early. The benefit of the Mistral Pacifico is that there are options for footstraps, so you can attach a sail to mess about with and make it a lightwind wavesailing machine. With Starboard and Mistral already on the pace, it will be interesting to see where this takes windsurfing.

The Pacifico is available in March, we will be getting our hands on one to tell you what it is like. Prices are:

Boards and straps: £699

Complete with paddle: £875

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