The forecast is looking promising for this weekends Kangaroo Speed event at West Kirby Marine Lake.

The format is a daily entry of £10 plus lake fees of a fiver, take your own kit and see how fast you can go. If you have GPS then you can use them and they will be calibrated at the start of the day. Results will be at the end of each day and overall prizes go to Men, Women and Youth.

Demo kit is also availible with some serously fast stuff from Tushingham, Thommen Boards and Boardwise.

Registration is at 10am each day for a 10.45 start.

The next event on the Speed Calender is Weymouth Speed Week which is held over the 8th - 10th of October. We will also be there if you want to chat about the mag and anything else to do with windsurfing.

Photo Credit: Clyde Waite