The first day of the PWA Cape Verde world cup got off to a classic start, but then the wind became too inconsistant, only allowing a couple of heats to run. The shock exit of Marcillo Browne to Klaas Voget of Germany is a talking point. But if you remember that Klaas is actually a seasoned campaigner having finish in the top 10 rankings in past years, then it\'s not so much of a shock, it\'s easy to get lost in hype. Robbie Swift was another early exit in the hands of wave riding legend Scott McKercher. Robbie Swift has been out of action since Pozo last year and will have to hold out for the double elimination - if there is time...

To allow the competitors the pic of the waves they are running 30 minute heats, so just to get the first round out of the way will take 5 hours including transitions. The forecast is great, but when has that ever been reliable!

We will be back with some news from the beach viewpoint, and for next issue expect some mind blowing footage.

PWA world tour

Photo Credit: Carter/PWA